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“Joe Brockhoff's approach to rotational hitting is something each coach should study. I have seen this simplistic approach become an invaluable tool in many programs” Mike Martin, Head Baseball Coach Florida State University
“An incredible hitting system developed by one of the country’s great hitting instructors.” Paul Mainieri, Head Baseball Coach LSU Tigers
Developed by legendary college coach Joe Brockhoff for  hitters of all age and experience levels, the Super 8 Hitting  System comes complete with 8 DVDs, SpeedBat,  Handbook, and Poster Chart. Coach Brockhoff’s rotational  hitting system is easy to learn, is the most effective way to  hit for average and power, and proven successful for over 10 years. With the Super 8 Hitting System, you'll discover the  simple steps used to generate bat speed, hit better pitching,  in an easy to follow format.  THE SUPER 8 HITTING SYSTEM Complete Super 8 Hitting System 8 DVD’s, SpeedBat™, Super 8 Handbook (180 illustrated pages) and Poster Chart. Cost is $197   Introductory Super 8 Hitting System 2 DVD’s, 30 minute audio interview with Coach Brockoff and Super 8 Handbook (32 illustrated pages). Cost is $57  


My experience with Rotational Hitting.  When my son was 5 years old he started T-ball.  I coached his team and instantly realized that even though I hit well in high school (did not go to college until I was 28 years old), I batted .462 my senior year in high school, I had no clue how to teach my son to properly hit a baseball in Florida’s competitive baseball environment.  So when he was about 7 years old I purchased a hitting course.  Over the years, I have purchased many courses.  With each one, I learned something new.  When I purchased Joe Brockoff’s Rotational Hitting Course, I realized that it was quite different from any course I had seen before.  I liked the way Joe explained his system and liked his drills so much that it has been one of the best investments I have made learning Rotational Hitting.  I highly recommend you click on one of these links and pick up this course.  I really like the course with the speed bat.  I feel that this course will help your son or daughter hit for a significantly higher average while maintaining the ability to hit for power.  If your son or daughter has not reached their full potential, then you need this course. Kip Niswonger Kip Niswonger
I want to introduce you to Ken Talley, a former basketball coach that never played baseball in his life, who took his team to ranking #1 in the nation out of 1,280 teams using the Super 8 Rotational Hitting System
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July 22nd 2013 Just wanted to give everyone an update. My son plays on an 18U travel ball team that has really good atheletes but a lot of them can’t hit.  They have been taught incorrect mechanics.  I watch them in the batters box take these huge downward swings and then they wonder why they are hitting these weak grounders.  Contrast that with the players that display better mechanics.  In the batters box they take nice pro-like strokes where they use their back shoulder to transport the hands and the bat forward into the hitting zone where they get on plane with the bat. They have decent success whereas the choppers ground out and strike out a lot.   Kip